Race Nominations

Nominations are accepted each week via EntryBoss.cc.

Nomination close at 10pm sharp the night before racing.


Class Category

Mini Wheelers
5 & Under Sprockets Mixed
6-7 Sprockets Mixed

Challenge 8-9 Mixed 20"
10-12 Mixed 20"
13-15 Mixed 20"
16-34 Mixed 20”
Junior Cruiser 8-15 Mixed 24"
Junior Female 20"
Senior Female 20"
35+ Open Wheel


Remember! Age is determined as age of rider at 31st December this year.

Race Entry Fees

Class Fee
Standard Classes $10
Additional Classes    $5
Mini-wheelers $5
Family Cap $30
Late Nomination
Fee (Per rider)


Family Discount (excluding Superclass)

We run the family discounts on a trust system.
Please use the Promo Codes below at entry to trigger your discount.

Usage Fee
3RD Third family member $5
4THPLUS    Fourth family member +    $0


Entry Notes:

  • Riders can only enter 1 class (unless racing Junior Cruiser as a second class).
  • All challenge classes are 20" (apart from 35+ Open Wheel)
  • Junior Cruiser is only for a 24" (cruiser) or 26"+ (MTB).

Race Schedule

Registration 10:00 - 10:45 *
Practice 10:00 AM
Sprocket & Miniwheeler   
10:45 AM
Racing 11:00 AM



  • Late nominations will be accepted on the day but will incur a $5 late fee for each nomination.
  • Nominations received after 10:15 will be allow to ride on the day, but WILL NOT receive series points.


Located in: Old Aerodrome Sporting Complex, Mildura R4GJ+PR
Flora Avenue Mildura Vic 3500


• Street Parking
• Toilets close to site
• Canteen open 10:00 - 1pm